Conan: Blades of Shadizar

Darius the Heretic

Or, a report detailing the knowledge of the infamous blasphemer


I blessed Zath when you wrote to me wanting information on Darius, Heretic of Zath. This presumptuous man thought himself unworthy of sating the hunger of the Pure Father! I trust that the Webs of Zath shall one day ensnare him and finally render him a mere husk of his former self.

Forgive me, my friend, I digress too much. I can confirm that Darius and his bastard colleague escaped after they looted the Temple of Almighty Zath in Shadizar. In the act of fleeing Zath’s Justice, they liberally dispersed golden coins sacred to the Spider God. Unfortunately for those who foolishly picked up the money, Zath saw into their wicked souls and dispensed His divine punishment by transforming them into His image.

The arachnid rampage served as a warning to the decadent populace of Zath’s righteous anger and the King rightly sided with out interpretation as His Majesty too sent soldiers to apprehend the foul perpetrators of this vile sacrilege. Despite all the secular and spiritual might brought down upon the pair; Darius and Danyo, like cockroaches scurried south unharmed!

We of Zath, of course, sent pursuers all the way to Zamboula and to the other places they sought refuge. I pray that you persuade the King of Nemedia extradite the perfidious rogue into our custody. He will, though the decades have overly seasoned him, shall be fitting food for Zath’s Avatar!

Ever your friend,
Zorbo of Zath


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