Conan: Blades of Shadizar

Chapter II, Session II, Part IV

Danyo's Tale

From the Memoirs of Darius the God Slayer


As I have already mentioned, he wisely left Ninotchka’s when spiders started bursting out of people’s bodies. Having left the brothel, he found his path beset by the nasty beasts. A thief to the core, he did his best to evade the spiders. He climbed walls and moved by rooftops at times. At one point, while he was climbing, a spider appeared upon the roof his was climbing to. Danyo was in a precarious position. Looking down, he saw another spider below him. He was in no position to evade either of them and would either have to climb up on the roof to confront the spider there or jump down to deal with the spider below him. Danyo realized that climbing up onto the roof would leave him exposed to the spider’s attack in the time it took him to get himself fully onto the roof. While jumping down might similarly expose him to danger, it was possible that he could actually land on the spider below and thereby deal it some damage! Danyo quickly decided that the possibility of dealing damage to an enemy always outweighed a course of action which was sure to leave him helpless against an attack. Taking one last look down, Dano put his fate in the hands of all the gods save Zath and let go of the roof. He landed squarely on top of the spider in the garden below. Ichor coated his boots and the spider moved no more. Danyo did not have time to revel in his kill, the sound of scuttling warned of the approach of another spider. Spying a doorway, Danyo darted there swiftly. He shut the door just as another spider lunged for him! Using every ounce of strength he had to hold the door shut against the spider’s fury, he barred it and surveyed his refuge.

Danyo had found himself in a kitchen. It was eerily quiet, as if the entire house were deserted. He stopped as he noticed a pair of legs sticking out from behind a counter. There on the floor lay the body of a cook. The dead cook’s abdomen looked as if it had exploded outwards. Danyo realized that he was not safe in this building…there were probably more of the spiders inside as well! Quickly he ran through the house, ducking through doorways as he went in search of a door to the street. Coming out the door, Danyo made his way down the street and we were reunited. Of course I had hoped that he was safe, but Shadizar was far too large for a search for one man. Gladdened at this reunion, I shared my load with my old companion and led him through the streets to the Sign of the Hawk.


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